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With luscious waves, bouncing curls, or defined coils, comes the struggle to find hair care products that truly cater to your unique needs. Enter DevaCurl, a brand on a mission to empower and celebrate every twist and turn of your glorious curls. More than just a hair care brand, DevaCurl embodies values of inclusivity, is community-driven, and ensures absolute excellence in their products, so that every curl is embraced and celebrated. JCPenney offers you a collection of cruelty-free, silicone and paraben-free formulas, and dermatologist co-developed products by DevaCurl. Join the curl revolution and unleash the full potential of your beautiful locks.

The Deva Way!

Dive into the world of DevaCurl hair treatment lineup, designed to elevate the beauty of your curls like never before. Start with the DevaCurl styling cream, a blend infused with a hydra-definition formula, offering medium to coarse curls impeccable shape, frizz control, and a no-crunch finish. Lock in your style with the DevaCurl defining gel, a non-flaking formula that creates a non-sticky curl cast, defining each curl while enhancing shine and bounce. Explore the DevaCurl Curlbond series, featuring a range of conditioners, masks, serums, and more. Opt for the DevaCurl conditioner for easy detangling and intense hydration. And when it comes to cleansing, trust in the power of DevaCurl's cleansers to re-coil damaged curls, improve strength, and shield against future damage. Complete your hair care routine with the DevaCurl hair dryer, co-developed with stylists who understand the unique needs of curly hair. Experience the transformative power of DevaCurl's haircare range available now at JCPenney. Shop with us today!