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Self-care is a celebration of individuality—a journey to embrace the beauty within. JCPenney’s collection of Paul Mitchell hair products invites you to elevate your self-care routine. From hair care to styling tools and grooming products, find everything at one place. If you are looking for textured hair products, go for the Winter Unwind-Erland set. This lavender-mint moisturizing trio, including shampoo, conditioner, and a conditioning leave-in spray, is a daily ritual for dry and textured hair. For those who see styling as an art, our selection of styling tools is designed to empower you. Our flat iron is your partner in creating smooth, sleek styles effortlessly, with fast heating and cooling times and easy temperature control. With JCPenney Beauty, every day is a canvas, and your style is the masterpiece.

Tea Tree Magic for Head-to-Toe Freshness

Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree line unveils the magic of nature for a head-to-toe rejuvenation experience. Our Tea Tree hair and body moisturizer is a versatile delight, soothing your skin and leaving your hair smelling divine. Whether you use it as a body lotion for a skin revival or as a leave-in conditioner to quench dry strands, the result is unmistakable—nourished, fragrant beauty. Dive deeper into the Tea Tree experience with our Tea Tree bar soap, an invigorating cleanser that not only purifies and exfoliates your skin but also serves as an excellent companion for shaving. Speaking of shaving, our Tea Tree shaving gel is a game-changer. Formulated for both face and body, it not only provides a smooth shaving experience but also contains special skin conditioners that shield against razor burns. As you explore our collection, you will also find some amazing curly hair products from top brands. Shop at JCPenney today!

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