Baby Bedding and Toddler Bedding Your Kids Will Love

Babies may not be able to articulate it, but they appreciate soft bedding. The colors are up to you, so long as you choose bedding that swaddles them up and makes it comfortable for them to sleep. Toddlers, especially older toddlers, can be a bit more picky. When choosing your toddler bedding, show the kids the great options at JCPenney. Some feature animals, while others have simple patterns and colors. You're sure to find something your toddler will love.

Matching Sets Make Shopping Simple

You may spend a lot of time selecting sheets and comforters for your bed, but when it comes to outfitting a crib, a matching set is the way to go. Get the small sizes you need in all items in one easy package. The baby bedding and toddler bedding sets you'll find at JCPenney go with complimentary items, like curtains, that will make other parts of the room match, too. You can outfit an entire baby's room with a few easy clicks.

Quality Textiles From Brands You Trust

When you're a parent, you want your kids to have the best of everything. You trust certain brands to deliver that standard, and you can count on JCPenney to carry baby bedding and toddler bedding by those brands. Do your kids love Carter's clothes? At JCPenney, discover Carter's bedding, perfect for toddlers developing their personal tastes. The Peanut Shell has adorable bedding for all genders that will look great in a crib for a baby or a toddler.

The best part? Many of these bedding sets are 100% cotton. They'll be comfortable in both summer and winter. Plus, they're easy to wash. Kids have a tendency to get things dirty very fast, so bedding you can dump in the laundry often is bedding you absolutely must have. Get two sets so changing the bed is a faster chore!

JCPenney has the baby bedding and toddler bedding you need to outfit your young child's room. Find the brands you want, the fabrics you crave, and the colors and patterns that will make your kids happy. Start and end your search by shopping for bedding at JCPenney online!

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