Bring Warmth to Your Bathroom With a Contour Bath Rug

The rich texture of a contour bath rug can add interest and warmth to any bathroom. Shop for a wide range of contour bath rugs in a variety of colors and prints at JCPenney.

Why Choose a Contour Bath Rug?

The combination of high and low pile that sets contour bath rugs apart is a big part of their appeal. The contoured patterns have an appealing texture and warmth that contrasts with cold bathroom tiles. Laying down a contour bath rug or several rugs can make your bathroom feel much cozier.

Contour bath rugs have an appeal that's more than skin deep though. Your contour bath rug will give you a soft, non-slip surface to step on after showering or bathing. Since your contour bath rug will absorb some of the moisture from your feet, it also prevents you leaving an unsafe trail of wet footprints behind you.

They might be called bath rugs, but JCPenney's contour bath rugs deserve a place outside the tub. Place a round contour bath rug in front of your sink to create a soft, warm place to stand while brushing your teeth or styling your hair.

Contour Bath Rugs for All Bathrooms

No matter how you've styled your bathroom, you'll find the perfect bath rug at JCPenney. Contour bath rugs come in a range of colors, from delicate neutrals like ivory, linen, and stone to much bolder tones like merlot, tangerine, and citron. The wide range of colors ensures that no matter whether you have a traditional bathroom or a more vibrant space, there's a contour bath rug to match it.

The contouring is the key feature for many of JCPenney's contour bath rugs, so you'll see them come in just one plain color. If you love prints though, you won't be disappointed. JCPenney also stocks some contour bath rugs with patterned panels. Embellished with flowers, sea creatures, and abstract designs, these unusual contour bath rugs are real statement pieces.

JCPenney also carries contour bath rugs in a wide range of shapes to suit bathrooms of all sizes and layouts. Choose from classic rectangular contour bath rugs, round contour bath rugs, and pedestal contour bath rugs. If you're undecided or decorating a large bathroom, you may like one of JCPenney's contour bath rug sets. With several differently shaped and sized contour bath rugs in the same hue packaged together, these bathroom sets are a practical decorating option.