Pillow Shams

A pretty pillow sham can dress up any bed and brighten up the look of any space in moments. Browse the JCPenney collection of decorative pillow shams to find some that will match your décor. Look for throw pillows, throw pillow covers, floor pillows, and pillow shams in a variety of colors and styles. Find pillow shams in timeless blue, or look for black pillow shams to create an unexpected look. JCPenney has a fantastic collection of decorative pillows and shams.

Throw Pillows

Check out the JCPenney collection of throw pillows that will liven up any living space. Look for cool colors or rich hues to make any bed, window seat, or sofa a cozy and inviting space. Find throw pillows in solid colors, floral pillows, or decorated pillows that will suit your space. JCPenney has round, rectangle, and square pillows so you can be sure to find one that suits your style.

Throw Pillow Covers

Already have throw pillows but want to change your look? Find throw pillow covers from the JCPenney collection to change the feel of a room in moments. Look for throw pillow covers in a cool blue color or choose a rich vibrant hue. Choose throw pillow covers to suit your color scheme and match your décor. Look for floral throw pillow covers or choose one in a chevron print. JCPenney has a style of throw pillow cover you will love.

Floor Pillows

Find a floor pillow from JCPenney perfect for making your living space a lounging space. Throw pillows add to the décor, and floor pillows make the space inviting. Create a space that you and your guests of all ages will feel comfortable in with a floor pillow from JCPenney.

Bed Pillows

Browse the JCPenney collection of comfortable bed rest pillows just made for taking it easy. Look for cozy lounger pillows to provide extra support and comfort. Comfortable lounger bed rest pillows might just make the bed the most comfortable place to sit. Choose one from the JCPenney selection of bed pillows and settle in for a while.

Pillow Styles

Shop the JCPenney collection of decorative and bed pillows and pillow covers to find just what you are looking for to dress up your living space. Choose from rectangular, round, or square pillows in a variety of colors and patterns. Look for cozy floral pillows or choose a more modern look with abstract styles or geometric prints. You can find everything you need to decorate your room to your own tastes in the JCPenney selection of pillows.