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A water bottle is something that most of us don’t really think about, but with the New Year kicking off, it’s a must-have that should be top of mind.  While activewear and new athletic shoes might be the first things on your list, the importance of a sturdy water bottle should not be underestimated. JCPenney brings you a wide range of water bottles that fit your lifestyle. Whether you're back-to-school shopping for your kids, heading to the office, or just needing one when you hit the gym to up your wellness game, these water bottles will keep you hydrated no matter where you go.

Stay Hydrated with a Water Bottle that Suits Your Lifestyle

If you're looking for something versatile and inexpensive, a plastic water bottle should make an ideal choice. They are easy to maintain, lightweight, and often dishwasher safe. Those who spend a lot of time on a commute or need a water bottle while you're driving should consider insulated water bottles. They have the power to keep beverages cold or hot for long stretches of time. For the outdoor enthusiasts and the ones who carry a lot already in their laptop bags, opt for a collapsible water bottle. Stretch it when you want to use them and fold it after - it's as easy as it sounds. Those who are differently abled can benefit from our water bottles with built in straws that pop open with ease. No matter your hydration needs, there is a water bottle for everyone at JCPenney.

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