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Shop Kitchen Runners at JCPenney

When most people think of rugs, they picture the large area rugs that add warmth and coziness to living rooms and bedrooms. But rugs can also be incredibly useful over hardwood, laminate, or tile floors in the kitchen. Kitchen runners are small mats in the shape of a rectangle, which are specially designed for use in food preparation areas. They're made with durable materials like polypropylene or machine-washable polyester. These mats can be placed next to the sink or near countertops to prevent foot fatigue while you prepare your favorite home-cooked meals. Browse the collection of kitchen runner rugs at JCPenney to find modern or traditional styles from great brands like World Rug Gallery and nuLoom.

Adding Style and Comfort with Kitchen Mats

Adding kitchen mats strategically around your kitchen island or countertops can help to bring comfort into your cooking space. The extra padding offers foot and leg support and promotes better posture, preventing the typical leg and back pain that comes with long cooking sessions. In addition to their practical features, kitchen rugs also come in a wide selection of styles and colors to suit modern or traditional kitchens.

For traditional cooking areas, vintage-style floral print rugs are always a great choice. However, there are also several rugs printed with bold blue flowers that are better suited to a modern space. Luxurious oriental rugs and medallion rugs are also top choices for a traditional kitchen. These rugs feature detailed designs and vibrant colors that make them stand out against your floors.

In modern kitchens, you can have fun with abstract designs and bold color choices. Since these rectangular rugs are quite small, you can use them to add bright colors without them overwhelming the space. You may also choose to stick to the classic modern color palette of black and white, with a few glass or silver accents added throughout the kitchen. Rugs with a geometric pattern are also a popular choice for contemporary kitchens. If you're not sure which style to choose, look for a neutral kitchen runner that goes with everything.