Lamp Sets

Lamps are one of the main components of home décor. They provide lighting, style, and ambiance. JCPenney has a wide assortment of lamp sets so you can select the ones that look best in your home.

Lamp Size

First, determine the size of the lamps you need. If they'll be on an end table or nightstand, you need to be able to reach them from where you're sitting in order to turn them on or off. A general rule of thumb when choosing a lamp beside a chair is to have the bottom of the shade at eye level for reading or relaxing.

Another consideration is how much floor space you have. For a space that doesn't accommodate a side table, perhaps you'll want a floor lamp that doesn't have a wide footprint.

Always consider the proportions in the room. Unless you want your lamp to be a focal point in the room, select one that is in proportion to the rest of your furniture as well as the size of the space. For example, in a small room that can only accommodate a loveseat, a smaller living room lamp will fit better with the décor. A big living room with oversized furniture can handle much larger lamps. 

Lamp Styles

With so many different styles of lamps to choose from, you'll be able to find one that works for each space where you want lighting. You'll discover a variety of configurations of lamp sets at JCPenney--from a pair of table lamps to a combination of floor lamps and table lamps. We have all styles, from traditional lamps and Tiffany-inspired lamps to contemporary lamps.

Lamp Base

Our lamps come in a wide range of base materials. We have ceramic, glass, wood, and metal in all shapes, sizes, and colors. If you enjoy changing out your décor frequently, you may want to select a lamp base that goes with a variety of designs, such as solid color ceramic or metal base with straight lines. Or if you enjoy more ornate styling, choose a lamp base with more design detail.

Lamp Color and Pattern

Although you don't have to match your colors in home decor, the lamp color needs to go with the rest of the room. Be intentional with the color of the lamp base and shade you choose. You may pick a neutral lamp that anchors the other colors in the room. Or you may pick a lamp that provides even more color. We also have themed lamps that add to the ambiance of the room. For example, for a room with a beach theme, choose a lamp embellished with shells or starfish.

Affordable Quality and a Great Selection

With such a great selection of lamp sets, you're bound to find the perfect one for your home. Remember that you can put two different sets together to create your own look. There are no hard-and-fast rules with decorating, as long as everything works. JCPenney provides the quality of lamps you expect for a price you can afford.