Safer, Easier Transport With Pet Carriers

Transporting your furry friends isn’t always easy, especially if they get scared in the car. But when Fido gets sick or needs his vaccinations, getting to the vet safely is a necessity. Pet carriers make it easier and safer to take your pets in the car and transport them to wherever you need to go, without worrying about them getting out or climbing beneath your feet and making it harder to drive. Some people also use pet carriers to train their dogs, so these multi-use contraptions are important for any pet owner.

Evolution of Pet Carriers

In the past, pet carriers were bulky, boxy containers that weren’t very comfortable for your pets nor very easy to carry. Modern pet carriers have come a long way, boasting soft exteriors, mesh panels so your pet can see out of it, and collapsible designs for easier storage when it’s not in use. Some pet carriers look similar to a duffle bag with a comfortable bed inside for your pet to rest on while you travel. Zippered access points help you get your animal into the carrier without as much struggle, and the open designs make these carriers feel less like kitty or puppy jail.

Crate Training

If you plan to use your pet carrier for crate training, this practice comes with a number of benefits for dogs and their human guardians. The crate becomes the safe space for your dog, satisfying the instinct to be in a den. Your pup will enjoy the privacy and security of the crate, while eliminating much of the fear and anxiety that can occur when you leave or react to negative behavior.

A crate-trained dog is less likely to destroy items in the home or have accidents on the carpet. If you have houseguests or people visiting with a lot of chaos, the dog can easily retreat to the crate for comfortable, safe confinement.

Know the Use

If you plan to use the carrier for transport between your home and the vet’s office, you don’t need to worry as much about the size and shape. However, when you travel with your pet, it’s important to know the regulations of airlines and railways. Some airlines allow small pets as carry-on luggage, but the carrier must fit the size regulations.

For travel with larger animals, it’s nice to be able to wheel your pet through the airport or station, so look for a carrier with wheels. Your pet should have enough room to stand up, move around, lie down, and raise its head, so be sure to choose a carrier that is large enough for these movements.

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