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Whether for school, travel or outdoor adventures, you can't go wrong with Fuel backpacks. Fuel was inspired by young New York athletes to create a multifunctional backpack for people that lead an active lifestyle. That's why these bags are designed in trendy colors and styles with high-quality materials that ensure durability for years to come. Shop for the latest Fuel backpacks for boys, girls, men, and women only at JCPenney. We have gathered the best backpacks by Fuel in plenty of different colors and prints.

Fuel Backpacks in Trendy Styles

Backpacks are more than a daily essential, they also add an extra oomph to your whole ensemble. The backpacks you choose to carry are a glimpse into your personality. So, if you love artworks, then we've got beautiful top-loading backpacks in paisley, floral, and abstract prints. Those who need a tinge of minimalism can check out the clear backpack collection. Perfect for outdoor adventures are multi-pocket backpacks with camo print or a solid color. Fuel backpacks are also available with different closures, like zipper backpacks, drawstring backpacks, and backpacks with buckles. For days when you need to carry nothing more than your phone, wallet, and keys, we've got crossbody mini backpacks as well. You can choose from backpacks in classic colors like black, pink, and green, or experiment with pastel or neon hues as well. Shop for all of them online at JCPenney at everyday prices.

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