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48 results

Backpacks for Girls

JCPenney has one of the best selections of backpacks for girls you've ever seen. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, configurations, and shapes, so you can find exactly what she needs. We want to make sure your girl gets what she needs to carry all of her important schoolwork, lunch, and other things she'll need throughout the day.

Backpack Styles

Everyone has personal style preferences, including your girl. If she's a Disney fan, she'll enjoy a backpack with a Jasmine, Moana, Frozen, or Minnie Mouse theme. JCPenney also has a great selection of girls' backpacks in solid colors and prints. Does your girl need a lot of pockets on her backpack? Many of the backpacks offered by JCPenney have exterior as well as interior pockets. Some of them even have places to put pens, pencils, a tablet, and her water bottle. For girls who want their lunch bags to match their backpacks, we have multi-item sets. As you peruse the backpacks for girls at JCPenney, you'll find a style you like. Whether it's a standard backpack, one with pockets galore, or a messenger bag, you'll love what you see.

Girls' Totes

For the girl who simply needs a big opening to carry all of her things, JCPenney has a selection of open-top totes. This is perfect for someone needs something with flexible space.

Backpack Straps

The straps on kids' backpacks make a big difference in whether or not your child can easily carry the load. Many of our girls' backpacks have adjustable straps for that perfect combination of comfort and fit. As her load gets heavier, being able to adjust the straps just right can make a big difference in how she feels. We also have padded straps on many of the backpacks to take comfort to the next level. This is nice when she has a lot to carry.

Choose the Right Bag

Each girl has her own special needs in a backpack. You first need to determine what the backpack will be used for. Smaller children who don't need to carry heavy books will do better with a bag that's made of lightweight material. Someone who has heavy books and can handle the extra weight may prefer a heavier-duty material. Also determine what types of closures are best for your girl--zipper, buckle, drawstring or open top. Choose the style and color of the backpack that you know she'll love so she can look forward to using it.

Quality and Value

When it's time to get your girl a new backpack, JCPenney is the place to shop. We make sure you have a great selection of styles, colors, and sizes to fit her needs at a price you can afford.