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Tackle Any Bike Adventure With Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Or Road Bikes

If you enjoy getting outside, you have plenty of options with a big variety of bikes to satisfy every adventure. If you love to hit the trails near your home, a tough mountain bike will tackle any terrain. If you want to use your bike for both the trails and to get around town, a lighter, hybrid version would work best for you. If you're tired of your spinning class and want some fresh air, consider buying a road bike. If you're training for your first triathlon, upgrade your current road bike to something lighter and faster to help you reach your goals.

Bikes For Everyone In The Family

Whether you want to take a bike trip with the family, or you want to encourage exercise, we have the right bike for your family. Pick out a pink beach cruiser for your daughters to get them out riding during the summer. A BMX bike will get your boys or girls out tackling the hills and adding some fun to the summer. If you have trails near your house, encourage everyone to get out riding them with mountain bikes in every size. Start them young with small bikes with training wheels or even tricycles.


Make The Weekends More Fun

Stop spending your weekends in front of the television. Get your kids off their tablets. With new bikes for the family, weekends are more fun. Head to JCPenney for a variety of bikes in different styles and sizes. Get bikes with frame heights from around nine inches all the way up to 45 inches. Pick your daughter a cute bike with fun handlebars, or grab your son one of many neon hybrid bikes. Your kids will want to get out of the house on the weekends to show off their new bikes.

Stop driving your car places on the weekends and take a bike ride to run your errands instead. Save money on gas and lower your carbon footprint by encouraging your kids to ride bikes to their friend's houses on the weekend instead of having to drive them. With different styles and fun options for your family, it won't take much to get people outside. Head to JCPenney to check out all the styles and different options for bikes.