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Imagine entering your home to the sweet smell that relaxes you after a long day. If you've yet to experience this, JCPenney brings you a wide range of scented candles that will invigorate all your senses. We have all sorts of scents that'll keep you going throughout the year. Whether you're looking for refreshing citrus for warmer days or to ramp up the holidays with a fresh holiday gingerbread aroma, we have the perfect scented jar candles for you. Not only will these candles bring a peaceful and charming glow, but also elevate your home décor instantly. You can place them for a dose of warmth in your living room, place them by the mantel for an illuminating vibe, or treat them as a centerpiece on your table: the options are endless.

Add Charm and Warmth to Your Home

Home fragrance is essential for all occasions and scented candles add a sense of personality to any type of decor. For the holidays, nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies, a piping cup of hot cocoa, and pine trees, and at JCPenney, you'll find just these bottled in a scented jar. Choose from fragrances like pumpkin truffle, wick fireside, and so much more. All these fragrances will imbue wintery notes of cinnamon, citrus, mistletoe, and fir trees. It's time to bring the outdoors inside by using more natural fragrances and creating a relaxing vibe at home. Shop now and save more with JCPenney.

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