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Stay On Time with a New Alarm Clock

After a long day at work, school, or running errands, it's tough to beat the feeling of climbing into your bed for a good night's rest. When you're feeling tired, it's tough to get back out of bed in the morning to start all over again. With the right alarm clock, you can wake up to pleasant sounds that make it a little easier to get up and going. With a wide selection of alarm clock options available at JCPenney, you can find the style that fits with the look and feel of your bedroom while delivering the functionality you need.

Do I Need an Alarm Clock?

While some people have a type of internal clock and can wake up around the same time every day, most people need a little extra help in this department. Without an alarm clock, you could sleep through your plans for the day, whether those plans include fun activities with loved ones or getting things done around the house. You might think you can use the built-in alarm on your phone. However, it's too easy to grab your phone from your bedside table and turn off the alarm without really waking up and getting going for the day.

You also need an alarm clock when you have a job or you're in school. It's important for you to wake up on time and avoid being tardy. Arriving late to work is an offense that could get you fired from your job, especially if happens more than once. Missing class because you slept in will also slow your educational progress and waste your money. When you put your alarm clock on your dresser instead of putting it right by your bed, you'll have to get up to turn it off, which helps you get going for the day.

Alarm Clocks at JCPenney

Whether you're looking for a basic, digital alarm clock with large, easy-to-read numbers or a themed clock that fits with your personal style, you can find it at JCPenney at a great price. With a variety of clocks available at JCPenney, you can select one that includes the date, outside temperature, and other pertinent details for the day.

If you're shopping for your child's bedroom, you can pick out an alarm clock that he or she will love, such as one in the shape of your little one's favorite character. Some alarm clocks have built-in radios. This means you can wake up to the sound of music instead of the familiar beep.

Finding the perfect alarm clock is easy when you shop at JCPenney. Using it will help keep you on time while ensuring you can enjoy as much sleep as possible before it's time to leave for the day.

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