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Mantel Clocks Add Style and Functionality

Mantel clocks are small house clocks used on the mantel above the fireplace as a decorative piece for your home. Adding a mantel clock to your home comes with several benefits, including helping to keep you on time for everything, as well as adding a stylish decor to your space. Mantel clocks are traditional and often showcase ornate, elegant designs. You can also use a mantel clock in other rooms of your home in furniture pieces such as in a bookcase, on top of a piano, on a desktop, or within a credenza.

History of the Mantel Clock

Mantel clocks have been around for years, tracing their roots back to the Georgian and the Victorian eras. Simon Willard introduced a popular model of the clock in his popular shop, Roxbury Street Workshop, in Boston, Massachusetts, in the early 19th century. It combined the traditional Massachusetts clock with a shelf clock. What sets this style of clock apart from wall clocks and other models is the seat board that supports the movement of the hands. A wall clock has moving hands attached to the backboard, so this makes mantel clocks more visually appealing.

Many of the early mantel clocks had pendulums with a cover to protect the clock's delicate components. Some of the models you can find today mirror that style, showing a traditional feel to a modern-day clock. One of the most famous mantel clocks in popular culture is the character of Cogsworth, the animated talking clock from the Disney classic, "Beauty and the Beast."

Stylish Clocks at JCPenney

When you are looking to add a mantel clock in your home, check out the selection available at JCPenney to find the perfect model for your home. The options include traditional styles, made from materials such as wood and ornate metal, along with contemporary clocks with sleek, modern designs. You can also pick out a clock with a swinging pendulum or a clock that emits a chime or ding on the quarter hour, half hour, or hourly increments.

Give a Beautiful Gift

mantel clock serves as a great gift for just about anyone in your life. It makes for a lovely graduation gift or congratulatory gift for scoring a new job. With beautiful mental clock options available at JCPenney, you can pick out the style that complements the home of the recipient of this upscale, traditional gift. Mantel clocks are also perfect for employee gifts. Your staff can keep an eye on the clock to make sure they are on time for their shifts.

No matter who you are shopping for, you can find a mantel clock that offers both traditional style and helpful functionality at JCPenney.

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