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Keep Track of the Time With a Table Clock


A table clock is an inexpensive addition that works well in any room of your home. Table clocks are also called mantel clocks, since many people enjoy placing them on the mantel above the fireplace as a focal point in the main living area. When you have a table clock within eyeshot, it's easy to see what time it is and to make sure you're punctual for all of your important activities. You can also place a high-end table clock on your desk to add style and flair while keeping you on track for your critical work tasks.

Where to Use a Table Clock


As the name suggests, table clocks are perfect for placing on any tabletop. You can also put a table clock on your dresser, on top of your piano, or in a hutch displaying other meaningful items. Many of the table clocks available at JCPenney show off ornate designs, which draw inspiration from their original roots.

The Early Days of the Table Clock


People have been using table clocks as functional decorations for over a century. They differ from wall clocks because they have seat boards that support the hand movements. You can also find traditional clocks with swinging pendulums or other moving parts at the base. One of the first known table clocks came out of Boston, Massachusetts, and it drew a lot of attention when it appeared on the scene.

Table Clock Selection at JCPenney


Whether you're looking for a desktop clock for your home office or a new addition to your family room mantel, you can find a stylish option at JCPenney. All the clocks available are of the highest quality and look great in any room of your home. Before you buy, check out the outlet situation near the table or desktop where you plan to place the clock. Some table clocks need power through a cord while others are battery-operated. Figuring out which will work better in your space can help you save time and money.

The table clocks at JCPenney include round, square, and oval shapes, along with taller clocks that showcase swinging pendulums. You can also shop for clocks with ornate metal details, modern styles, and Roman numerals on the face. Some of the table clocks at JCPenney will make chiming sounds once or several times per hour, which can help you keep track of the time without having to glance at the clock.

Give a Beautiful Gift


A table clock makes a great gift for anyone in your life, from an employee gift for your team members to a special décor item for a loved one. Pick out a beautiful gift or pick up a table clock for yourself at JCPenney.

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