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146 results

Tiny & Mighty Tech Accessories

Everywhere we look, our homes, offices and even cars are surrounded by technology. Many of our large or important devices need some extra help sometimes. That’s where tech accessories come in. These small small electronics, but essential extras give you that added jolt of charge, amplification, or convenience you’ve needed. Clean your cell phone with a sanitizer that uses UV light. Simply scan it over your phone or place into a “spa” to be recharged and refreshed. Earbuds or headphones are just another small extra that pack a big punch.

Portable Chargers, Cases and Cables Our devices need daily charging to stay up-to-date and working at their best. Take a charger on the go with you, or plug into while you’re at home for instant access. Find ones to suit your style, including ones for kids. USB chargers provide many adapters for just the right charge when you need it. Use docking stations to display your phone when you’re charging.

Make your life easier with tech accessories that are smart and useful. Cell phone car mounts give you hands-free access while driving. Do you misplace your keys often? Find them in seconds with a Bluetooth tracker that can sync to your smartphone or tablet. Check out cell phone cases that have kickstands so they can stand on their own or finger loops so they’re easier to hold onto for selfies.

Get the brands that you know and trust at JCPenney. Brands such as Sharper Image, Tzumi, Brookstone and Mvmt. These tech accessories make great stocking stuffers for Christmas time. Make sure to put these little extras on your shopping list for special occasions or every day.