Never Worry About a Vacuum Bag Again

If you have a bagged vacuum, cleaning can feel like a difficult and messy chore. You've likely experienced the hassle of buying replacement bag after replacement bag, driving up the costs of cleaning. Fortunately, bagless vacuums make cleaning your home much easier. You'll never need to worry about buying replacement bags again.

Since they came on the market a few decades ago, bagless vacuums have steadily increased in popularity. Today, almost all the major vacuum manufacturers offer bagless options. It's easy to see when it's time to empty this kind of vacuum, and you free yourself from having to purchase replacement bags. Check out the models JCPenney offers to find the bagless vacuum that best suits your cleaning needs. You'll soon see why so many consumers have turned to bagless vacuums.

Bagless Vacuums for Every Home

No matter what rooms and floors you need to clean, there's a bagless vacuum out there to make tidying up that much more convenient. Traditional upright models come in bagless varieties. Look for long cords if you need to clean large rooms so you don't have to worry about plugging and unplugging constantly. You can also find vacuums with handles that offer easy maneuverability so you can get into those hard-to-reach spots that otherwise make cleaning frustrating.

If you're looking for a more hands-off approach to cleaning, consider robotic vacuum cleaners. Bagless robotic vacuums give you the ease of a bagless vacuum combined with the convenience of a device that does the work for you. Different models can vacuum, mop, sweep, and even sterilize your floor. You can program these vacuums to clean exactly when you want them to. This versatile option doesn't require vacuum bags, either.

Convenient Features to Simplify Cleaning

Bagless vacuums boast many features that make cleaning even easier. Check out brushes and filters that make cleaning a breeze. If you have different kinds of floors in your house, try a bagless vacuum that allows you to move seamlessly from carpet to hard floors, such as one with fingertip controls that let you conveniently move from room to room.

Lightweight vacuums let you move through your home without struggling, while upright vacuums that can convert into hand vacuums are an ideal option when it comes to versatility. You'll be able to clean everything from ceiling to floor with this kind of bagless vacuum.

When it comes to vacuums, JCPenney has all the models you need to keep your home looking flawless. Bagless vacuums will let you clean efficiently and cost-effectively, removing dust, dirt, and pet hair without the hassle of changing bags. Check out our extensive collection online, or head into a store today.

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