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Need a New Rowing Machine? Check Out Our Rower Equipment

Ask many fitness professionals and enthusiasts and they'll tell you that a rowing machine offers an excellent full-body workout that's especially good for strengthening your core muscles. You might also get recommendations about adding rowing to your fitness routine if you're not able to do high-impact activities like running or using a stair climber. A rower allows you to stay seated and break a sweat without adversely affecting your joints.

Find Fitness Machines With Welcome Features

If you're interested in buying a rower soon, one of the most important things to do is make a list of your most-wanted features. The machines we sell have numerous capabilities to make your home gym time more effective. For example, it's easy to find rowers that include performance calculators on the front of the machine.

They show details like your strokes per minute, calories burned, and amount of time spent on the machine. By paying attention to those metrics as you move, it's easy to naturally start to challenge yourself to beat records and make consistent improvements.

Also, you may want a rowing machine that includes wheels, a folding frame, or both. A wheeled base aids you in swiftly moving the equipment to your preferred place within a home, which is especially handy if you want to get in a workout while watching the latest episode of your favorite television show or a DVD that a friend told you was too good to miss. A foldable rower is an excellent solution if you're dealing with space limitations and cannot feasibly have it set up all the time. Simply fold and stow after using.

Well-Made Equipment That's a Good Investment

When you use a rower that's obviously well made, you'll feel more confident about making it a part of your everyday life. The options from JCPenney include components like sturdy straps, solid foot plates, and floor protectors that stop the machine from sliding. Some also have padded seats to enhance comfort during long-term use.

Regardless of if you're already a huge rowing machine fan or are just getting acquainted with the various ways a rower could benefit your life and help you stay on the path to lifetime fitness, JCPenney makes it simple to browse possibilities.

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