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Gather friends, family, and guests around an elegant dining room table for that special occasion! We've got plenty of different centerpiece options to the dining room, ranging from the basic and functional to the outright fabulous. With tables at JCPenney, you have a wealth of size, shape, color, design, and material choices. A scrubbed, rustic wooden table evokes a farmhouse vibe. A sleek, round metal table topped with glass is so modern that it's practically futuristic. From antique-inspired pedestal tables to large maple pieces, you won't have trouble finding a dining table that matches the decor in your dining room or kitchen area. However, always consider the space you have, and don't forget that you can cheat a little if you choose a drop-leaf table.

Create Cozy Quarters

Enormous dining room tables aren't practical or possible for everyone. You can create a lovely space that blends with your dining room decor even if you only have space for a table that seats two, three, or four in a pinch. Look at smaller four-person tables first, and if they're still too big, turn your attention to bar-height tables and pub tables. Sleek metal pub tables are stylish but functional, particularly the adjustable-height ones. Pub-height tables are perfect for two place settings, allowing for cozy breakfasts, relaxed lunches, and intimate suppers. Stick to a simple pedestal table or choose a funky bottle cap piece.

Whatever your aesthetic and space requirements, you'll uncover the dining room furniture you need to design a divine dining area. Check out JCPenney's selection of dining room tables and dining room chairs to create your room around the table.

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