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Futons have come a long way from their early days as flimsy, uncomfortable couches that folded out into flimsy, uncomfortable beds. Today's futon choices are not just attractive, even stylish, but they are practical and functional. It's no longer a piece of furniture you need to hide away in the basement or the guest room no one uses, but something that can add to the aesthetic of your main rooms, be it your living room, den, or the good guest room in which preferred visitors sleep.

The Standard Style

Traditional futons are still available. You remember what they are—a frame made of wood, metal, or wrought iron with "cushions" that turn into a mattress. These days, those frames are as sturdy as you please, and they're much more durable than their forebears. Nearly every color imaginable is available, ranging from neutral blacks and browns to hot pinks and navy blues.

Opulence in a Futon

Many of today's futons are more in line with foldout or sleeper sofas; they're so comfortable. Picture owning a futon that looks and feels exactly like a couch. The plush cushions, solid frames, and tasteful designs look at home in any room, regardless of your design preferences. Look for large futon sofas that can easily fit four or five people—sleeping two, maybe three—and smaller love seats that fold out to an approximate full-size bed.

The Future of Seating

Another advancement in futon technology takes the furniture somewhere new. Can you believe that there are now futon chairs? These are ideal for basement rumpus rooms, kids' rooms, guest rooms, offices—in other words, any spare space that has room for a chair. Futon chairs fold out into smaller beds that don't take up much space at all. They turn into twin beds, making them perfect for small rooms. You can get creative with even the smallest spaces in your home.

Everyone needs a guest bed or a place to sleep in a pinch at some point. Make sure you're prepared by choosing furniture that does double duty. Versatility is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to furniture and the ability to save space. Head on over to JCPenney now and check out our massive selection of futons and sleeper sofas today.

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