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Shop Elegant Sectional Sofas at JCPenney

Be the architect of your living room and add a sectional sofa for the ultimate stylish yet functional living room furniture! Customize your preferred seating arrangement by the mix-and-match sensibilities of our sectional sofas at JCPenney. Choose couches and recliner chairs when it's time to watch the game on the big screen, move the individual pieces around so that everyone's got a good view. And when guests are coming over, transform your setup into a cozy and intimate arrangement where everyone has a great time. Shop our entire collection of sectional sofas in the home department. You'll love the dazzling styles that will give your living room new life.

Decorate Your Home with Accents Suits Your Style

Customize more than just how your new furniture looks. Our mind-boggling inventory of sectional sofas will allow you to have full control over the entire setup. Since each piece can be moved around, you can design a fresh new look whenever you want - the possibilities are endless! Choose from left or right arm chaises to suit your preferences, then add an extra loveseat for more room. For maximum space and utility, try a three-piece loveseat combination with a sleeper sofa for when the guests are feeling sleepy. Add side tables and floor lamps for extra storage and light. Hang decorative photos on the walls, and place family portraits on your side tables to complete your new design. We also have sleeper sofas that unfold for all your lounging needs and movie screening time. Shop now and save more with JCPenney.

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