Shop Christmas Candles & Diffusers at JCPenney

Tap into the magic of the holiday season with Christmas candles that can conjure warmth, comfort, and cheer into your home. From classic holiday-inspired fragrances to fruity blends, we've got plenty of scented candles to add warmth to your space throughout this holiday season. The ambiance of lit scented, tapered candles at the Christmas dinner table create a sense of calmness and joy when enjoying a meal together. Along with candles, JCPenney has gathered the best oil diffusers as well. Choose between crystal salt lamp diffusers, USB salt lamp diffusers, and so much more, because everyone can use a bit of aromatherapy at Christmastime.

Deck the Halls with Scented Christmas Candles & Diffusers

Change the ambiance of your home with our exclusive collection of candles that features pretty designs and a variety of sizes. We've got tons of wick jar candles, pillar candles, and tapered candles. Or if you want to simply relax in your home during the holidays, diffusers are a great option. Choose an aroma oil diffuser or a crystal salt diffuser for your moment of coziness and relaxation. These candles and diffusers can also be considered a great holiday gift. Check out our range of holiday candles, diffusers, and candle holders and feel the nostalgic scents in your home.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or a loved one, you'll find the best candles and diffusers at JCPenney. Shop for them online along with Christmas-inspired candle holders to create the perfect ambience at your home.

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