Snow Globes for Holiday Fun

When snow globes are mentioned around the holidays, for many, the first thing that comes to mind is the small round globe that, when shaken, releases a multitude of tiny white snowflakes to rain down on a specific scene. Snow globes have been around since the late 1800s and remain a popular item that creates whimsy and magic, especially during the Christmas holidays.

History of Snow Globes

These little magical wonders depicting winter scenes were invented by Erwin Perzy I, an Austrian surgical instruments mechanic. In 1900, while experimenting with semolina and water, he created the effect of white powder floating, which made him think of snow falling. Known by the name Schneekugel, Perzy applied for and received the first patent for snow globes. Mass production of the snow globes began in 1905 and the company, Original Vienna Snow Globes, is still going strong with an estimated 200,000 globes handmade each year. Erwin Perzy I handed over the reins of the company to his son, Erwin Perzy II, and in the early 80s, his son, Erwin Perzy III took over the business and remains at the helm.

Snow Globes with Light and Sound

Snow globes bring the spirit of Christmas up-close and personal with their miniature dioramas encased within a plastic globe or one using a combination of glass, resin, and water. From young to old, snow globes are enchanting decorations that are magical to children and bring back youthful memories to adults. Decorating your home with a series of musical and non-musical snow globes is sure to become a topic of holiday conversation everyone will want to participate in.

Extend a warm holiday welcome to friends and family as they enter your home during the holidays. Entertain them with the soft glow of minilights and the lilting sound of holiday music played by strategically placed snow globes throughout your home. Visitors will be greeted with an array of scenes filled with cheery snowmen, jolly Santa, seasonal greenery, brilliant lights, and more. Unless specifically noted, snow globes are to be used for indoor decoration. They can be placed on porches or patios only if they are protected from the weather.

Snow globes come in assorted styles, from the traditional handheld globe to decorative snow globe figurines and globes that stand tall attached to a sturdy column. With choices in sizes, it's easier to decorate different areas and surfaces with a variety of globes providing plenty of seasonal holiday magic. Place snow globes on a desktop, mantle, a kitchen counter, bathroom vanity, in a corner, beside the tree, or in the window for all to see.

Whatever your decorative theme may be for the holidays, it won't be complete without the beauty and magic of a snow globe to set the mood. Stop and shop at JCPenney for holiday happiness.

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