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Celebrate in Style With New Year's Décor

When the old year comes to a close and it's time to bring in the new year right, you can throw a great New Year's Eve party with some of the latest New Year's décor. When you need stylish items to help you serve up drinks and food at your party, check out a few of the newest pieces.

Glasses for Every Drink

No matter what type of drinks you plan on serving at your New Year's Eve party, you can find glasses that will work perfectly. Before the countdown even begins, you can keep your guests happy by offering a variety of wines and cocktails. Make sure you pick up some wine glasses, highball glasses, and martini glasses for all your drinks. Since silver and gold are typical colors for New Year's Eve, you can select glasses with accents of each color. You can also find glasses with different designs, so it's easy for your guests to remember which glass belongs to them.

Of course, you know you'll need some champagne to ring in the big event, so make sure you have some champagne flutes as well. There are beautiful glass options in contemporary and classic designs, but if you worry about accidental drops or bumps, you can also find unbreakable champagne flutes.

Serving Trays for Your Food

Another important aspect of your New Year's Eve party is the food. With the right serving trays and platters, your guests will have no problems picking out their favorite treats. Choose plates and platters to display cheeses, meats, and more. If you plan on serving a cake at your party, you'll find cake stands that offer a striking way to showcase it. Finally, you can discover items with the same gold and silver color accents as your glasses to tie the entire look of your party together.

Small Touches for a Beautiful Party

It's not just your drinking glasses and serving trays that make a party complete. It's also the little touches that pull everything together. When you're setting up the bar area for your party, choose a few beverage tubs to hold all the bottles.

You can also set out some shakers and bar tool sets so your guests can create their own favorite drinks. Don't forget to put out a couple of ice buckets so that your guests can top off their drinks as necessary. On the tables, consider thoughtful extras like candlesticks and coasters in matching shades to complete the look of your party.

When you're ready to throw a stylish New Year's Eve party your guests will talk about for weeks, shop the excellent selection of New Year's décor you can find at JCPenney.

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