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Holiday Candles to Light Up Your Holidays

Holiday candles are an inexpensive way to decorate for the holidays. Convey the mood you want with our wide selection of holiday candles and candle accessories. Go for candles with solid colors and traditional holiday symbols for a classic appearance. Arrange pillar candles in a stair step fashion along your mantle or on a table, and place other decorations around the candles to make a multilayered look. Decorative candle holders add extra charm to plain candles and keep the melted wax from getting all over the place. The soothing sound of a crackling fire is a wonderful addition to a holiday dinner. Recreate this sound on a smaller scale with wooden wick candles. Some of our wooden wick candles are scented and when you light one you’ll unleash the delicious smells of evergreen, cinnamon, and many inviting scents. Homes with children and animals might want to look into LED flameless candles. These candles are just as beautiful and traditional candles, but you remove the problems associated with an open flame. In fact you can find LED candles in a wider variety of styles and textures. They will also fit in standard candle holders used for traditional candles. JCPenney’s home department is the place to go for beautiful holiday candles and accessories.


Holiday Picture Frames for Precious Memories

Showcase priceless holiday memories with holiday picture frames. Just like holiday candles, holiday picture frames can be used to enhance your holiday décor. Place tabletop frames on your side tables or along the mantel. You should choose your picture frames based upon how you want to use it in your décor. If the pictures are meant to be the centerpiece of your mantel or table decorations, then you want to make sure that everything else on the table it is toned down, so you won’t draw focus away from the pictures. We have several beautiful and ornate picture frames that perfectly express the joy of the holiday season. Take your tables from plain to pretty with cheerful ornate frames. To make room for the other decorations on your tables and mantle, get wall frames. Configure your holiday pictures in a beautiful display with our stunning holiday frames, and deck the halls and walls of your home with the memories you cherish.

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