Fill Your Home with Sweet Scented Candles from JCPenney

Light up your house with new candles from JCPenney. Run a warm bubble bath and place a few candles around the bathroom, light them and slip into a bubbly oasis. Treat your family to a five-star restaurant ambiance by placing lit candles in a glass bowl filled with water and then position the bowl in the center of the table. Let the delicious smells of scented candles fill the air and refresh your rooms. Pick up a few of our holiday themed candles to add a little extra oomph to your holiday décor. Transform tables from plain to pretty by placing candles of various heights inside a shallow tray. Decorating with candles of varying heights is a simple way to add something interesting to your home. You could pick a few essential oil and diffusers. They are as effective as a scented candle and are not messy to handle.

Creative Candle Holders

Once you finish shopping our huge selection of candles, view our candle holders. We have a diverse collection of beautiful and elaborate candle holders. Tray candle holders allow you to safely place multiple candles in one space. You can place your candles inside of a glass jar and set them in the tray, or you can place the candle directly inside of the tray. Add decorative glass beads or foliage for additional decoration. Place a candleholder centerpiece on your table for a romantic meal. Whatever you’re in the mood for, JCPenney has the right selection of candles and essential oils for you to relax and keep calm.