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Rug Runners Add to Decor and Serve a Practical Purpose

Forget about your grandmother's rug runners. Those narrow, lengthy pieces of clear plastic that ran down the length of the hallway are a thing of the past. The runners you can find today are vibrant, stylish, and attractive, so they add to the aesthetic of your decorating scheme rather than making your home look like a throwback to the 1970s. Cover your gorgeous wooden floors or expensive carpet, keep heavily trafficked areas clean and neat, and introduce more colors or patterns to your room with the perfect rug.

Narrow Runners for Small Spaces

Do you need to protect the floor in the hallway or another small space? Discover rug runners that are long but not wide. They fit seamlessly into the tiny nooks and crannies of your home. Give in to your whimsical side and shop for a runner with a print or pattern, such as a selection of garden fruits and vegetables. For even more convenience, check out narrow hallway runners that are washable. Can you imagine tossing your dirty rug into the washing machine without worry? In addition to keeping your flooring like new, you can keep your runner looking fresh, too.

Area Rugs Everywhere

Uncover large, sprawling rug runners meant to cover more space. Place a rug beneath the living room furniture to avoid scratching or denting the floor. Choose something vivid or eye-catching to create a new dimension of interest without changing all of the details or decor in the space. For the dining room, pick out a colorful runner that leads into the kitchen. To create cohesion in the bathroom, browse assorted rug sets that include matching pieces you can place in front of the toilet, the bathtub, and the sink.

Runners for Outdoor Spaces

You can put a rug runner outdoors, as well. Do you have a patio or similar outside area that begs for more comfortable flooring? Place a rug near or beneath the patio furniture to design a lovely space. Put soft, weather-resistant rugs over paving stones, patio gravel, or the wooden floor of your porch. Invite guests to step outside on their bare feet without fear.

The right rug adds depth, texture, and color to any space. Discover rug runners in every shape, size, and design at JCPenney.

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