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Choose the Type of Ironing Boards That Will Best Suit Your Needs

No matter whether ironing laundry is one of your favorite chores or your least, the right ironing board can make the task less daunting and help you get it done faster and easier.

Decide which ironing board will fit your storage area best and provide you with the length and shape you need. Need some extra storage space? You can choose from one of the rolling table, fold-out ironing board options that come with bin storage to keep all your ironing tools right on hand. If you like keeping your ironing board up and out of the way, you can pick one that folds into an in-wall cabinet. You simply open the door, pull down the board, and get started. These little ironing nooks are great since they provide extra hidden storage as well.

Find the Features You Most Want From Your Ironing Board

Pick the features that will improve your ironing board's function and provide you with what you need to get the job done quickly and easy. Many of the models include a holder to place the iron on while you are moving the clothes around, and some provide an additional storage shelf underneath for folded pieces or other supplies. You can even choose a model that has a built-in streaming option to be able to tackle any type of fabric you may need to iron.

Pick the Size That Helps You Get the Job Done

The size ironing board you choose will most likely depend on the amount of space you have to store the board as well as the area you will have to perform the ironing. If you live in a small apartment or dorm room, there are portable models to save you space while getting the job done. You can choose from table-top options that are half the size. These portable models are also great as an alternative to larger boards for quick and small ironing jobs. If you have space, the full-size pop-up models are great for everything from dresses to sheets.

Choose a Design to Fit Your Décor

Just because your ironing board is for chores doesn't mean you can't find one that fits your décor and your personality. You can browse our selection of cloth-covered designs and select the pattern and color that you desire.  There are also bamboo and even Portuguese-inspired styles to fit in with any aesthetic. If you've decided to go with a fold-in cabinet option, you can find a wood shade that blends in with your current home décor.

No matter the size, features, or portability, there is an ironing board that can meet any of your ironing needs.

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