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Whether you're whipping up your favorite dessert or a meal, JCPenney's mixing bowls will make a great addition to your kitchen. These bowls are versatile and come with a spout and handle to make work easier. The collection includes a variety of designs, including stackable bowls and mixing bowl sets. They are made with durable material and handy features, making these bowls a great addition to your kitchen even for daily use.

Cuisinart mixing bowls make a great addition if your kitchen is already filled with several other cookware. They are stackable with a space-saving design as they nest within each other. It features several sizes, which means you get a large bowl to mix batters and a smaller one for your salad dressing. You could also go for bowls with lids. It's very convenient, and you can store food until it's time to serve. Or go for a ceramic and stoneware mixing bowls to keep it steady while mixing and it lasts longer. For all your straining needs, pick colanders in different sizes. For instance, a 1.25-quart colander is convenient for cleaning berries and draining liquid from canned goods, and a 2.5-quart is best for rinsing and cleaning fruits and vegetables or straining yogurt or soft cheese. These bowls are practical and can be used for serving. Shop now and save more right here at JCPenney!