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Kitchen Knife Sets

Every kitchen needs a good sharp knife set, and JCPenney has a selection of kitchen knife sets. Find kitchen knife sets and cutting boards as well as knife block sets in the JCPenney collection of kitchen knives. Choose a set from favorite brands including Cuisinart. Look for knife sets with colorful metallic finishes, shiny stainless steel, or matte black. JCPenney has a kitchen knife set to suit your culinary needs. Find knife block sets or knife sets with blade covers to keep them sharp and ready for use.

Kitchen Knives

A good kitchen knife helps a good cook be great. Find a selection of chef knives, santoku knives, paring knives, steak knives, and utility knives in the JCPenney collection of kitchen knives. The sharp edge can give you an edge that you need to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Look for Cuisinart knives and knife sets from JCPenney to keep an edge on your cooking. Choose a set of kitchen knives from JCPenney that includes chef knives and steak knives for all your cooking preparation needs.

Cutting Boards

Shop the JCPenney kitchen collection for cutting boards to help get the job done. Look for stylish wood cutting boards, or choose a bamboo style. Find colorful plastic cutting boards so you can use a different color for different meats. Choose a solid wooden chopping block or opt for a modern granite slab that will fit right in with any kitchen décor. Look for a pastry cutting board or choose a wooden board with grooves around the edges. Browse the JCPenney collection for a set of cutting boards with a variety of sizes and purposes to keep your kitchen healthy and organized

Knife Block Sets

Browse the JCPenney kitchen collection for knife block sets with a variety of kitchen knives. Keep kitchen tools handy in a knife block set with a multi-piece selection. Keep a knife for every purpose close at hand so you never have to dig through a drawer to find what you are looking for. Choose a modern black knife black or look for one in classic wood. The 20-piece knife block set from JCPenney has all your tools in one place.

Knife Sale

The knife sale selection at JCPenney has some great kitchen knives! Look for sharp and serrated edge knives to suit your needs. You will find steak knives, paring knives, cutting boards, and knife sets in the JCPenney selection of sale knives. Look for deals on knife block sets and keep your kitchen ready for anything.