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Kitchen Storage Creates a Place for Everything

Kitchen storage is essential for a well-organized kitchen, and every culinary wizard must have an organized kitchen — countless celebrity chefs teach us that lesson. In addition to items that keep your food fresh, your kitchen also needs storage options for cleaning products, tableware and cutlery, and small kitchen appliances. In a happy kitchen, there's a place for everything and everything is in its place, but to get to that level, you need to have the proper storage at the ready.

Food Storage for Maintaining Freshness

Kitchen storage designed for food saves space, money, and time. With canisters for dry goods such as coffee, sugar, and flour, you can keep everything in one place rather than having bags and pods scattered throughout the kitchen, plus everything stays fresh. Food dispensers provide the same benefits. Fill them with cereal, rice, quinoa, and candy or ice cream toppings. There are also freshness containers for foods such as potato chips, not to mention bread boxes for maintaining fresh, soft loaves. Store your leftovers in small, medium, and large containers, which are also perfect for portioning out fruits and veggies.

Racking Up Storage Options

Racks serve an important role in an organized kitchen. Drying racks for dishes allow you to air dry all of your dishes or the delicate items that can't go in the dishwasher, but you don't lose valuable counter space. Wine racks provide the same advantage by allowing you to display your best vintages without sacrificing space. Did you know you can even buy a hanging pot rack to hang all of your pots and pans from the ceiling? The very thought makes you want to treat yourself to a full set of copper cookware, doesn't it?

Big Storage for Big Items

Not all kitchen storage options are small. Utility carts allow you to store items that you need to move around the kitchen. They're perfect for cleaning products and can even hold your broom, dustpan, and mop. However, they're also handy for moving foods and cooking tools to and from the stove, counter, and fridge. For more storage, think about a three-tier cart, which you can park anywhere in the kitchen. Use it to hold bulky kitchen appliances that have no other home, such as the waffle maker or the slow cooker.

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