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67 results

Nonstick Griddles and Skillets for Healthier Meals

Prepare your meal in one go with an electric griddle from JCPenney. You can go for a version that has removable non-stick plates for easy cleaning and metal drain cups to catch the drips – or choose one that comes with precision temperature control, a slide-out drip tray, special cleaning tools, and lights to indicate when the food is ready.

If you’re searching for a reliable cooking appliance for fast cooking, an electric skillet is the ideal choice. These are available in different sizes so that you can pick based on the numbers of your family members. Featuring non-stick coating, electric skillets from Cooks are scratch-resistant and have temperature control system for better cooking. Whether you fry, roast, sauté, or steam vegetables, you can cook 30% faster and healthier with eco-coating.

Electric Grills for Perfectly Grilled Foods

Enjoy perfect restaurant-style cross-hatch grill marks on your favorite steaks, ribs, chicken, and veggies with our high-performance electric indoor grill from Power XL. The even heat distribution will make it easier than ever for cooking a perfectly grilled chicken. Even the thickest of sauces and most delicate fish stay intact and won’t stick, thanks to the ceramic non-stick coating. Some grills have an air-fryer crisper that allows you to enjoy fried foods without all the grease and oil. Explore our range of electric grills and select the one that best suits your cooking needs.

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