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Eating healthy can be overwhelming to begin, but having the right tools can make it easier. You're more likely to eat better if your kitchen is well-stocked with the right gear. Check out JCPenney's entire healthy cooking appliance collection that will help you to stick to your goals. From air fryers to nonstick nontoxic pans, we have everything you need to prep your nutrient-rich meals. Whether you're trying to cook with less oil, increase your fruit or vegetable intake, or just experiment with your cooking techniques, we have appliances for you to try. We also have a great collection of food storage containers so you can keep your kitchen organized.

New Appliances for a Healthier You

For a healthy breakfast, try antioxidant-rich smoothies made with a juice extractor or a blender that’ll help you kick-start your day. Once you get into sipping on delicious concoctions full of vitamins, you won't look back. Plus they’re super easy to use – just push the button, twist, and blend. When you’re craving a quick snack, give your fries a healthy spin with an air fryer. With less oil comes less splatter and mess too! Adjustable temperatures, automatic shut-off, and timers make air fryers easy to operate. A pressure cooker is another unmissable gadget – add food, liquid, and you’re ready to set it and forget it. Steaming vegetables and cooking a well-rounded meal will be a breeze. By adding an appliance or two to your kitchen, you can save on takeout and cook more at home. Check out our entire collection for a healthy start every day.

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