Stock Your Kitchen Cabinet with Mixing Bowls from JCPenney

Every chef needs a mixing bowl! Your new mixing bowl will help you mix up batters, bread doughs, and salads with perfect ease. A mixing bowl is simply a must-have for the kitchen. Grab it on sale now at JCPenney.

Mixing bowls of different sizes let you tackle the task at hand with efficiency. Look for a three or four-piece set for bowl sizes in small, medium, and large. Multiple mixing bowls make food prep so much easier.

You'll Love the Versatility of Our Mixing Bowl Collection

A durable mixing bowl takes the stress of the kitchen with perfect grace. You'll love all the options of the Pyrex mixing bowl set. The clear design makes it simple to view the bowl's contents, ensuring that ingredients are completely mixed. Sealing lids in a variety of hues work to preserve salads and leftovers.

Gray and silver stainless steel is a classic material for your mixing bowl. Tramontina stainless steel bowls are decorated with a flared lip for easy gripping. Epicurious offers a copper-colored stainless steel mixing bowl with a silicone base to reduce slipping.