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Shop Kitchen Utensils at JCPenney

Kitchen gadgets and utensils improve cooking efficiency and make the experience more enjoyable. JCPenney offers various kitchen gadgets and utensils, from basic kitchen essentials like utensil sets, can openers, spoons, and spatulas to task-specific tools like ice-cream sandwich makers and avocado slicers. And no kitchen is complete without tools. You'll need wooden spoons, scrapers, colanders, food thermometers, peelers, grinders, and a set of measuring cups and spoons. If you follow recipes, a cookbook holder can help keep the instructions within easy view. Don't forget to pick up an apron, spoon rest, and colander.

Kitchen Necessities

Certain cooking tasks come with their own list of must-haves. If you love to prepare fresh fruit salad with seasonal favorites, a melon scoop, chopper, and apple corer will really help. Grill masters may want to pick up a burger press, a set of poultry shears, or a meat tenderizer. A tool caddy or crock that sits on your countertop puts these necessary tools right at your fingertips. If you'd rather not keep your gadgets on the counter, adding an expandable drawer organizer will keep the items within reach and make them easier to find. Splatter screens also protect your stovetop from spills and splatters from cooking.

Baking and Measuring

When you're baking or measuring, it's important to have the right tools. Baking requires precision, so food scales and measuring tools like cups and spoons can help ensure that you add the right amount of wet or dry ingredients. Larger measuring cups allow you to measure out up to eight cups at a time. You can also pick out a set of useful measuring spoons or cups in melamine, plastic, or stainless steel. Other helpful tools for bakers include icing spatulas, pastry bags, and a set of frosting tips.

Specialized Gadgets

If you're looking to become a master pizza chef, tools like a pizza stone, a cheese grater, and a stand mixer for kneading dough can help you achieve that goal. Other specialty kitchen gadgets and utensils include a pasta maker, steak press, BBQ tool set, dough blender, chef's torch, deep fryer, and many more. Need a butter-maker, a crème brûlée set, or an airbrushing kit for decorating cakes? No problem. No matter what type of food you're planning to prepare, you can find every kitchen gadget and utensil you could possibly need at JCPenney.

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