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Take Your Cooking to the Next Level With Santoku Knives

When you love cooking, it's important to have the best tools available for every meal you make. Of course, that includes knives. Every experienced cook, whether a professional chef or someone who simply enjoys cooking delicious meals in his or her own kitchen, knows that the right knives are key to completing any recipe.

If you're anxious to start on your favorite recipes today, head over to a JCPenney store to check out our extensive collection of cooking tools, including santoku knives. This general-purpose kitchen knife, which hails from Japan, will have you ready to slice, dice, and mince the best ingredients to create a delicious meal.

Easy-to-Use Knives for Any Recipe

Santoku knives are quickly becoming popular in the United States. These Japanese-style knives are now made both in America and elsewhere. The Japanese word "santoku" means three uses or virtues. The name given to the knives is disputed and could be in reference to the cutting of meat, fish and vegetables or to the three main types of cutting the knife is used: mincing, dicing, and slicing.

You'll recognize a santoku knife by its handle, which lines up with the blade's top edge, along with its flat cutting edge. Instead of the sharp point common to Western-style knife blades, a santoku knife has a rounded curve at the end of its blade. The flat blade means this knife won't rock on the cutting surface. We have a wide variety of santoku knives available at JCPenney for cooks of any level, so no matter your price point, you'll find a knife or set of knives that's perfect for your kitchen.

Strength for Cooking

Whether you're looking for a streamlined monochromatic designed or a knife with a fun pop of color on the handle, we have the santoku knife for you. Because santoku knives are shorter, not to mention thinner and lighter, than most Western-style chef's knives, they're more hardened and have added strength.

You can find santoku knives that come in the traditional Japanese style. In the U.S., you can also find varieties of santoku knives with a mix of Western-style and Japanese-style features.

No matter if you're new to the kitchen or a seasoned professional, santoku knives add an important feature for any cook's collection. With dozens of brands and styles, you're sure to find the santoku knife you're looking for at JCPenney. Take your cooking to the next level with our impressive selection of santoku knives. Whether you're cooking for yourself or for a group, your santoku knife will help you create the perfect meal. Start shopping our large collection of santoku knives online today, or head into a JCPenney store to see up close what we offer.

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