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Keep Your Kitchen Top-Notch With Quality Utility Knives

Knives are an essential part of any kitchen, and when you're outfitting or updating your kitchen design and equipment you'll want the best quality knives. Whether you're looking for a small paring knife or a full-sized butcher's blade, you'll find the perfect knife or set in JCPenney's utility knife collection.

Generally smaller than a chef's knife, but with a larger profile than a paring knife, utility blades are important for everyday use, from cutting a sandwich to slicing meat. If you need a perfect blade to fill that gap in your collection, you'll find the right fit from our selection of utility knives.


Stay-Sharp Knives Keep You Safe

Sharp-bladed knives only cut what you want them to, so long as you're careful. They're less likely to slip and injure you or someone else. They're precise, and each type of knife has a use for which it's specifically intended. You should never cut a tomato with a steak knife, for instance, and you shouldn't slice bread with a butcher knife.

Even utility knives have preferred uses based on their size, shape, and contour. Larger knives are ideal for butchering tasks or chopping veggies, while small knives are great for peeling or paring. Serrated blades are best for bread, while smooth blades slice fruit with ease. Whatever your kitchen cutting needs, the JCPenney utility knife collection has the tool for you.

Replace Those Old Knives

Is your old butcher blade getting dull and having a hard time slicing through cuts of meat? Have your steak knives lost their edge? Are your paring knives no longer trimming edges the way they should? If so, it might be time to invest in a new knife. Our knife collection has blades in every shape and size for every kitchen need.

If you're a fan of specific manufacturers, our collection offers knives from some of the most highly respected and regarded knife makers in the business. You can find knives from BergHOFF, Ginsu, Tramontina, For the Chef, J.A. Henckels International, and more.

Match Your Kitchen Décor

Of course, your kitchen is as much stylish as it is functional, and you want your collection to look great on display. We can help you there, as well, with knives in every size, shape, description, and design. Our collection even offers utility knives in different designs and styles so you can mix and match to suit your kitchen decor perfectly. It's all right here, from sleek, black-finish blades with natural wood handles to all-black designs to beautifully etched, full-tang blades.

If you're looking for the ideal utility knife for your kitchen needs, check out our complete collection for the perfect blade.

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