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45 results

Trendy Duffel Bags to Store Your Stuff

Picking the right kind of luging can make or break your travel plans. The wrong luggage can really throw a wrench into your vacation packing. A bag that’s too small will force you to leave behind some of your most important belongings. A bag that’s too big could end up with too much empty space, and who doesn’t like a nice, snug fit when it comes to luggage? Duffel bags could be the answer—they provide ample space but pack it all into a neatly arranged cylinder. Tack on optional features like retractable handles and rolling wheels and this travel duffel will be your favorite companion in no time at all. You could also pick a waterproof duffel bag Appreciate simplicity with the easy, shoulder-strap design of a Carhartt bag or add pockets and compartments galore with a High Sierra duffel. Whether you’re looking for the capacity of checked baggage or the portability of carry-on luggage, our duffel bags provide the convenience you need at a value that will leave plenty of leftover spending money for your next trip.

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