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Carry Your Clothes in a Garment Bag

For the business traveler, arriving at your destination with your jacket, shirts, skirts, and pants still beautifully pressed is a difficulty. Either you must rush to the hotel to heat up the iron, or you need to find a dry cleaner in an unfamiliar city on limited time.

Stop fitting these difficult items into traditional suitcases and opt for a garment bag instead. These luggage pieces fold open into two or three sections. They offer zip-up protection for your items; simply leave them on the hanger, hang them on the latch at the top of the bag, and zip your garments in. Gently fold everything together, and you have an easy way to travel with pressed garments and fancy dresses.

You’ll Love Travelling with JCPenney’s Garment Bag

Garment bags are typically too large to carry on, so pay attention to dimensions when searching garment bags on JCPenney online. Smaller bags that you can bring on the plane with you are available and will hold minimal essentials for your short trips. Choose a carry-on garment bag that best suits your travel plans and one that fits the small and large bag criteria for convenience in travel.

Whichever travel garment bag you choose, you'll find them extremely convenient. When you get to the hotel, unpacking is simple. You just pull the garments and hangers from the bag and put them in your room's closet. They'll be in far better condition than they would have been had you tried to fold them into a regular suitcase. Clothing is an important part of your professional presentation, and you want to arrive at your business destination with cleanly pressed items at your disposal.

Discover garment bags from brands you trust, like Samsonite and Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista, when you shop for luggage at JCPenney's online store.

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