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Be the Best Musician With Musical Instruments and Accessories From JCPenney

Whether you're a hobbyist, a music student or a professional musician, JCPenney has an amazing selection of musical instruments to choose from.

Musical Instruments for Beginners

Test the waters with a beginner's instrument, which allows you or your child to explore an interest in music without the costs associated with a professional-grade trumpet, trombone or guitar. Check out our selection of plastic wind instruments and student instruments to save even more. After you determine that playing music is more than a fleeting fancy, you can spring for a name-brand instrument from Yamaha, Le'Var, Union or one of the other high-quality brands we carry.

Play (or Sing) Your Heart Out With Intermediate and Professional-Level Instruments

Drop your own beat with a drum set, figure out how to play the classics on a perfectly tuned piano or compose the next symphony with a collection of string instruments. Practice your mezzo-soprano or baritone with a Bluetooth™ karaoke system that wirelessly plays your background music, or let your fingers fly through a riff that rivals the best rockers of all time with a Suzuki digital guitar or a Schoenhut acoustic. Belt out tunes on a brass instrument or use a portable vocal trainer to perfect your pitch - whatever your musical interest is, JCPenney has the instruments and tools to help you polish your skills.

Hit All the Right Notes With Musical Accessories From JCPenney

Explore musical accessories that can enhance your experience, such as sheet music stands, power adapters and keyboard bags. Hold long notes with a sustain pedal, make sure you're on-key with a guitar tuner or create beautifully polished ballads with a sound mixer. Check out our amps, microphones designed for performances and cases to carry your instruments when you're on the go. Our collection of accessories includes mixers, adapters, mouthpieces and so much more that can help you make the most of your passion.

Back-to-School Instruments for Kids

Let your kids take band class by storm with back-to-school instruments designed just for them. You'll find easily portable wind instruments and brass instruments (and don't worry - we have carrying cases to keep your investment safe), replacement mouthpieces and music stands for at-home practice time. Encourage artistic expression with after-school piano lessons. If you're not quite ready to spring for a piano, check out our selection of keyboards, which include all the key features of a piano but boast a smaller price tag.

Shop JCPenney's Extensive Instrument Collection and Save

You'll love our great deals on beginner, intermediate and professional-grade instruments. We carry instruments by the world's most trusted brands so you know you're always getting the best possible quality. Whether you consider playing music your hobby, you're a music teacher, or you play gigs to pay the bills, we can help you get the most out of your passion for music.

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