Kitties Love to Hide and Sleep in Cat Houses

If you have a cat, you know that these furry creatures spend a lot of their time sleeping. In fact, an adult cat sleeps an average of 15 hours per day. Kittens and senior cats tend to sleep even more, snoozing for up to 20 hours every day. The need for sleep is part of your cat’s nutritional habits and physiology, so it’s important that Fluffy gets plenty of quiet time at home to catch up on the needed rest. Giving your cat a comfortable place to rest makes it easier for him to log the hours and wake up feeling ready to hunt and play.

Covered Cat Houses

Cat beds are perfect additions to any home with kitties. You can choose from a variety of styles and shapes, but covered cat houses are some of the favorites among the feline species. These unique hiding spots give your cat a place to nap, play, and store toys. You can choose a traditional house-style option, with a roof and door-shaped opening for your cat to go in and out. If your cat spends time outside, an outdoor cat house provides a warm and safe spot to sleep when the weather turns chilly.

Some cat houses contain self-heating elements that use your kitty’s body heat to keep the pad warm and comfortable. You can also shop for heated cat houses, meant for use outdoors during the winter months.

Play and Hiding

Cats are often social creatures, but they may want to retreat and have a private place to hide when they need some alone time. A cat house satisfies this need, especially since the cat can rub its whiskers and paws along the materials to release its scent. Cats feel more secure and comfortable in a place where they can smell something familiar, so giving your feline a safe space to release its scent and hide from the rest of the world can improve your bond. Kitties like to play in their private spaces, so you might see a pile of cat toys inside.

Cat Houses from Top Brands

When shopping for cat houses at JCPenney, you don’t have to sacrifice on quality to get a great deal. The lineup of options includes cat houses from top pet brands, including K&H Manufacturing and Petpals. When you’re looking for a heated cat house for use outside, check out the durable and sturdy styles from K&H Manufacturing. If you live in an area where it stays warm all year, you can also opt for an unheated outdoor cat house.

Give Fluffy what she really wants by adding a cat house or two to your home, available at JCPenney.

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