Add Charm to Your Room With Braided Rugs

With origins that date back to Colonial America, braided rugs are an easy way for you to add style and charm to any room in your house. Since braided rugs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, it's easy to find the ideal one to fit nicely into your home.

Choose a Braided Rug for Any Room

If you'd like to add some classic style to any room in your house, consider a braided rug. For the dining room, look for a rug that's large enough for both your table and chairs to fit. This way, your chairs won't get caught on the edge as they move back and forth. In the kitchen, a round rug won't impede the flow of the room. For the living room, choose a rug that's either big enough for all the furniture or for just the front legs to fit.

Braided Rugs for Your Entrance

You can also find small braided rugs that are the ideal size to fit in front of your door in the entryway. Since braided rugs are so thick, they're perfect for soaking up water and mud and protecting your floors. You can also get braided runner rugs that are a nice length for hallways.

Choose a Color

Braided rugs are unique because they incorporate plenty of colors into one rug. As a result, you'll want to choose a rug that complements the colors you already have in your room. If you need something neutral, consider getting a rug with shades of cream, blue, or light green. On the other hand, you can also find rugs with bold pops of color for visual interest in your room.

Select a Shape

The most common shape for a braided rug is either round or oval. If you have a lot of straight lines in your furniture, these curved designs add some nice interest to your room. However, if you'd like to get an updated twist on this classic rug, you can now find them in squares and rectangles as well. This type of braided rug is ideal for contemporary homes.

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