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When you're looking to change the feel of a room in your home, one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so is switching your area rug. Round rugs look sleek and stylish while adding a layer of soft warmth to the floor. Their texture underfoot makes you feel relaxed and at ease. JCPenney carries round area rugs in all types of designs, from neutral shades to those with bold patterns. Step back in time with a traditional rug or select a braided style for texture and depth. Check out your favorite brands for high-quality area and accent rugs that not only elevate your room’s look, but also enhance the overall experience of your living space.

Add Warmth and Comfort to Your Living Space

A round rug can instantly make your room more comfortable. Thanks to its versatile shape, you can place it in different rooms and locations. Covering colder flooring materials with a soft rug will provider warmer areas, which is especially appealing during the winter months or in areas of the home that stay chilly, like the basement. The softness of the materials can also reduce pressure on your legs, feet, and back, absorbing the impact as you walk across the surface. Adding a rug can also absorb noise. Simply top your hard flooring with a round rug to enjoy a quieter environment. Shop at JCPenney today to find a plethora of round rugs and give your house a makeover.

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