Sharper Image Home Electronics at JCPenney

Innovative tech accessories are useful to have around the home and make great gifts for every member of the family and the JCPenney Sharper Image store is your source for all the latest tech gear. Sharper Image offers a wide selection of must-have electronics and portable audio accessories, including the best wireless and Bluetooth speakers. You’ll find waterproof speakers perfect for a day at the pool or the beach and Sharper Image wireless headphones and earbuds that let you privately play your favorite music on-the-go.

Our collection of Sharper Image audio electronics also includes an assortment of TV speakers that provide the crystal clear sound that every TV and movie buff’s home theater needs. Other unique TV accessories you might want to include in your set are TV headphones, TV amplifiers, and media converters.

Electronic Games & Personal Care Accessories

Take quick look at the Sharper Image gaming options for all ages and interests. The collection features numerous types of electronic games and arcade favorites, as well as indoor games for little ones. Choose from a range of educational and musical games to encourage high-tech learning. Explore the skies with a Sharper Image drone that can take HD aerial videos. You could also find remote control drones from large quadcopters to some of the smallest choppers on the market. We also carry sharper Image remote control vehicles and robots that provide hours of fun for younger kids.

You can also streamline your daily routine and improve your lifestyle with smart and convenient personal products – such as grooming tools, better sleep solutions, beauty essentials, and more. Kick your self-care up another notch by taking a look at our assortment of high-tech Sharper Image back and foot massagers as well. Make your home a more enjoyable and comfortable space with HEPA air purifiers that filter out dust and allergens so that you can breathe easier. Other popular Sharper Image wellness accessories for the home include aromatherapy diffusers that encourage relaxation and high-tech bedding that will keep you cool and comfortable all night.