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Smart Home Devices

Managing your home has never been easier than now with today's incredible selection of smart home devices designed to make your life a little easier. Whether you work from home and could use a personal assistant, or you just want some hands-free help when you're trying to relax or run out the door, you can find a variety of convenient and easy-to-use products that will have to up and running - or relaxing - in no time.

Voice-Activated Electronic Assistants

With the iLive Assistant Speaker, Google Home, or Google Home Mini,  you can play music, find out whether you need to leave a few minutes early for work, or even add an item to your grocery list with a single command. The iLive device is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled wireless speaker that features Alexa, an electronic personal assistant powered by Amazon. Stream music directly from Spotify, Pandora, iheartRadio, or Tune In, or audio stored on the device. It offers a smooth sound and digital volume control that can be adjusted by your voice-activated direction.

Google Home Mini are powered by the Google assistant to provide the highest level of personal assistance. Similar to the iLive device, you can stream music from a subscription service or directly from your phone. You can also ask Google Home questions about everything from weather and traffic to finance and sports. Manage your everyday tasks like alarms and shopping lists, or turn up your Nest thermostat without ever leaving the couch.

WiFi Thermostats

A WiFi thermostat allows you to control your home's temperature from anywhere in the house. Forgot to turn down the air before climbing into bed? No problem! Using your smartphone or voice-activated electronic device, adjust the temperature with a few simple clicks or a single command.

There are several thermostats that work with any smartphone, as well as the Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo. It even offers smart alerts that remind you to change your filter or warn you of extreme indoor temperatures.

Smart Light Switches

Never again worry about whether you left the blow-dryer plugged in or your lamp on as you leave for work or a vacation. With the easy-to-install Switchmate Smart Power Outlet or Samsung SmartThings Outlet, you can control the entire outlets' power from another room or location whenever you'd like. Use it for family electronics when it's time for dinner, or set individual timers to create a daily routine.