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Golf Ball for Pros and Amateurs Alike

Whether you're practicing your putting, taking shots at the driving range, or playing for big money, the right ball is critical to your golf game. JCPenney offers what you need to take your pursuit of 18 holes to its highest level. There's something for every budget too, so you can enjoy the pastime you love without breaking the bank, leaving more money for good clubs, shoes, and other equipment.


Several popular brands along with other manufacturers offer refinished and recycled golf balls at real savings over new ones. You may see slight imperfections and pen markings on some brands, while others will look brand new. By law, they must be stamped either recycled or refinished to pprotect consumers. But in terms of performance, the average amateur golfer cannot tell the difference between these balls and their new counterparts.

As an added bonus, reclaimed and reused golf balls don't end up in the landfill, so this is one small way you can help out the planet and golf a little greener. If you're a new player or you're teaching your child to play, buying reclaimed or refinished is the way to go because you're bound to lose a few golf balls during the learning period.


f you've raised your game to the point where you need a specialized ball, then you'll want to buy new. Some brands offer top-of-the-line balls that are designed specifically for players with a swing speed of under 95 miles per hour. They're made with 100 percent rubber to keep them in the air longer for a more competitive distance game.


If you're new to the sport and need to build up your supply of golf balls, you'll want to buy a larger quantity because you're sure to lose a few as you learn. A 50-count package of refinished or refurbished is an economical choice to start out with. If you are a more experienced player, and you only need to replace a few that fell victim to the water hazard, you can go for a smaller bundle of a dozen.

New balls may come with as few as three or four in a box, but they're usually highly specialized with advanced technology that makes them worth the extra cost. You'll want to take this into account when making your decision about what kind of golf ball to stock your bag with.

Golf is a hobby for many, a passion for some, and a profession for a select few. Whatever your level, you want quality equipment at your side. Check out the choices at JCPenney to find the golf balls that suit your budget and your game.

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