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Since their introduction to the marketplace decades ago, televisions have kept us entertained by making us laugh, surprising us, giving glimpses of what life is like for people across the globe, and much more. Perhaps you're ready to buy a new flat-screen TV and you can already imagine how nice it'll be to watch a favorite show while enjoying the sharp contrast and rich colors. You might have also be interested in exploring the features of 4K televisions. They offer ultra high-definition content that will probably make you see content with a new appreciation.

Find Solutions With Built-In DVD Players and Other Helpful Features

If limited space is a concern in your home, it might be wise to consider televisions that have integrated DVD players. A flat-screen TV that includes a DVD player in the same unit is a streamlined and highly functional choice because the DVD simply slides into the side of the television screen. Use an included remote to start a movie at your favorite scene or access bonus content without getting up from the couch.

JCPenney also has televisions with multiple HDMI ports and SD card slots, so you can connect a game console, computer,  camera, or media card. If you're in the mood to boost your home entertainment capabilities even more, buy a compatible streaming device from a brand such as Roku that allows you to enjoy numerous free channels on a new flat-screen TV.

Enjoy Top-Notch Technology With 4K TVs

The electronics industry is constantly evolving and 4K televisions represent some of the latest offerings available from television manufacturers. Filmmakers often rave that a 4K model can reproduce the kind of resolution seen with 35-millimeter movies. The effects are most prominent on large-screen televisions, so if you're ready to invest in one of the 4K televisions offered by some of today's leading brands and sold at JCPenney, it's a good idea to set your sights on the bigger options.

Explore features, filter search results, and more when you shop online with JCPenney. Our user-friendly site helps you buy in a way that suits your schedule. Start shopping now.

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