Stop Dirt in Its Tracks With Dirt Devil Vacuums

There's a reason that Dirt Devil is one of the best known vacuum brands on the market. From upright and canister vacuums to stick vacuums to handheld models, there are Dirt Devil vacuums for every type of mess. Find the ideal Dirt Devil for your home right here at JCPenney.

Tackle Every Mess With an Upright Vacuum or a Canister Vacuum

Whether you need to tidy up a mess on the carpet or a major spill on a hard floor, upright and canister vacuums are the answer. Find out what makes these Dirt Devil vacuums so powerful and versatile.

With advanced power and swivel steering, Dirt Devil upright vacuums are more agile than you might think. Need to give your home a heavy duty cleaning session? Look for a Pro Power or a Total Power model for an extra boost of clean. Constantly cleaning up after pets? Browse for one of Dirt Devil's many pet vacuums to keep fur and pet dander at bay.

With extra power and lightweight, easy movement, Dirt Devil canister vacuums can tackle any mess in your home. Go bagless for easy cleanups, and shop for small models for superior cleaning in tight spaces.

Simplify Your Cleaning Routine With a Stick Vacuum

Just because you only need to clean hard surfaces doesn't mean you want to compromise cleaning power. Find out how stick vacuums speed up your routine without leaving messes behind.

With their slim profile and lightweight shape, stick vacuums couldn't be easier to use on bare floors. These Dirt Devil vacuums are much more powerful than you might think though. Many offer full power to give your home the all-around clean it deserves. Some stick vacuums also feature a range of tools, such as carpet cleaning nozzles, to add to their versatility.

Get Down and Dirty With a High-Tech Handheld Vacuum

When you want to put incredible cleaning power right in the palm of your hand, a handheld vacuum is a smart pick. Find out just how impressive handheld Dirt Devil vacuums can be.

The beauty of handheld Dirt Devil vacuums is that they offer maximum power in a small package. Whether you need to clean up a mess in a hard-to-reach spot or you just want to vacuum as quickly as possible, these handheld models are the answer. Look for an extreme power model for extra cleaning capacity, or browse for a model that comes with cleaning tools to ensure that your handheld vacuum can tackle any mess easily.

Ready to take your cleaning game to a whole new level? Shop JCPenney's extensive selection of Dirt Devil vacuums and find the ideal model for your household.

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