Add Authentic Sophistication With Gorgeous Canvas Art

Art prints can be a great way to spruce up your home, but sometimes you want an aesthetic that is more authentic than only having a basic print on paper. If you want a piece of art that comes as close as you can possibly get to the artist's original, there's no substitute for choosing a print on canvas. Canvas art adds not only beauty to your home, but a sense of sophistication that comes from a truly authentic art piece.

The JCPenney Canvas Art Collection

If you're looking for an ideal piece of artwork to give your home the sense of style and class that you crave, choose a piece from the JCPenney Canvas Art Collection. By hanging an art print on canvas, you're getting a unique and gorgeous piece that's also authentic.

Our art collection covers a full range of styles and themes. We have quirky, abstract, and cultural designs, beautiful landscapes, and themes for every season. You can choose a permanent theme for your room, or you can change it up for every season and holiday. Best of all, it costs a fraction of what an original art piece does.

Choose Unique Designs or Classic Homage

If you're looking for a unique design like a country landscape or animal theme, the JCPenney Canvas Art Collection can fix you up. If you'd like something that pays homage to the classic impressionists like Monet, we have those designs as well. Even better, you don't have to spend a fortune to get gorgeous art for your home. Our collection features pieces starting at $25 and up, which are perfect for those on even a tight budget.

Even better, are you looking for a piece of blank canvas on which to paint your own designs? We've got you set up for that as well! Pick up our "Do It Yourself" canvas in a variety of sizes with prices ranging from $10 to $50! From winter blooms to beach scenes, classic world maps to abstract modern art, and café designs to romantic accents, any authentic canvas-based design you could possibly want is right here.

A Touch of Class

The Canvas Art Collection from JCPenney is the best way to add grace, class, and sophistication to your home design without spending a fortune. Create the perfect centerpiece of design or add the ideal finishing touch to your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or den, and have everyone wondering if you've paid for a genuine art piece. Only you will know!